Wednesday, 7 January 2009

LCD Enclosures For Digital Signage Protection

we offer LCD Enclosures For Digital Signage Protection.

As more and more businesses evolve, they realise that they need to increase their corporate image, this is how the new technology of digital signage started, with a company sign. The European digital signage market will be worth an estimated $1 billion by 2012, with the US digital display signage market worth an estimated $3.5 billion by 2011.

America has been at the fore front of digital signage solutions for years, by providing bus advertising,LCD signage, outdoor advertising, digital billboards, airport announcements and video walls.

No matter were we are in the world, just look around and take note of the electronic signs around us. The best digital signage I have seen is at Dusseldorf airport – man the digital advertising is awesome, the outdoor signage meets you when you exit the taxi’s even before you get in to the airport!

  1. Digital signage technology consists of Digital signage advertising and is becoming huge business, as it can be controlled by 1 person for up to 1,000 LCD sign, you do need some special signage software but we will come to that later. Digital signage becomes less labour intensive and more profitable.
  2. So what do you need to get started? A digital signage system comprises of digital displays, no matter if it is plasma screens or LCD TVs, then you need the software, an LCD enclosure (that will protect the display from dust, dirt and rain) for any outdoor digital signage and a computer that the user can control. This can be controlled by an internet connection or wireless network, giving the user the benefit of wireless digital signage.
  3. Once you have decided on the location, the LCD enclosure has to be sited, (bolted to the floor and cabled up; network and power). Then the display is installed in to the enclosure along with the computer. Now the user has to create media content, this is then sent via the internet `now be working.
  4. Computer Security & Solutions work with a company who have created their own digital signage software, this enables the end user to create digital media (sometimes called digital signage content) for their digital sign. So no matter if it is a video wall (the displays can be tilled) or just a single digital billboard, this software is idiot proof, ensuring a professional digital signage design is achieved with minimal effort. The end result is dynamic digital signage that corporations would pay $1,000s for. The software can control up to 1,000 displays, they can all be the same or different, this is what makes this software unique.
  5. The plasma display/LCD enclosures protect the plasma screens from the weather as well as vandalism; there would be nothing worse than finding that the $3,000 Plasma TV or LCD TV had been smashed by a vandal. The enclosures offer Industrial protection and are cooled by special filtered fan units, so once they are sited, set and forget!

As technology advances, so does digital display systems, in 2011 digital signage businesses will be booming, it will be like the gold rush! Because it enables all businesses to advertise on a level playing field, you will see digital signage displays in schools, retail outlets (so you can see the demo of the product they are promoting), banks (to see what is the best account for you) video walls and outside advertising displays.

The LCD enclosures manufactured by Computer Security & Solutions have been installed at railway stations, factory floors, airports and on sides of buildings, coupled with the signage software, makes the signage systems complete. This is not Powerpoint digital signage, this is the next level in digital signage and allows you to create unlimited free digital signage.

Computer Security & Solutions digital signage packages include free digital signage software when any LCD enclosure is purchased, or you can purchase the software separately, together they make the ultimate in LCD digital signage.

The protective enclosures manufactured can accommodate a single LCD display or up to a video wall of 9 displays x 42" screens.

You can contact Computer Security & Solutions on +44 844 3578687 or alternatively call their US office on (888) 460 3573.

we offer LCD Enclosures For Digital Signage Protection.