Sunday, 23 August 2009

DOOH – Reaching Captive Audiences

Digital Out Of Home advertising is a global phenomena this is one of the fastest growing markets. Learn how to the best reach captive audiences.

From an advertising viewpoint, airports are perfect for reaching the captive audience; because once the passengers have checked in they are captive…Because what do we all do once we have ditched the baggage?

• We look for some where to get something to eat
• Go to the duty free store
• Buy a drink and a magazine

It is a known fact that “wait warping”, (when consumers pay more attention to digital signage is when they are waiting). Digital signs help by giving a perceived shorter wait time by entertaining the consumer.

Targeting the Jet set.

One company is actively targeting celebrities, athletes. You don’t get more exclusive than the Jet set, do you? They only target people who have a net worth of $10 million with an investment portfolio of $6 million.

Now this company have deployed large 80” screens that give the well heeled advanced passenger information, allowing them to inform limo drivers and family members of delays etc.

One part of the display is given to a radar screen and the other is given to local services and products, so you can see what jets are for sale.

Using this type of advertising, one company used negative advertising and increased their sales, the Cessna jet company decided to reduce their prices and sold more turbo props, proving that digital advertising works.

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