Thursday, 28 January 2010

Gas Pump Toppers and Digital Signage

Gas stations heading the push forward for a digital signage revolution, ensuring that each on site convenience store can survive the recession.

We all hear that people are hungry for information, sports news and the like; this is one of the main reasons why gas station TV channels are so popular, as they blend in advertisements in to the news slots or weather updates. This way of marketing is called the Captive Audience Marketing, yes because you are captive only for three to five minutes whilst filling your car, so these TV channels can sell to you the in-store merchandise.

When you have been driving past gas stations in America and Australia you will probably have seen these units, they are a small scale version of a digital signage billboard, sat atop the gas pump, (hence the name gas pump toppers).

Many TV stations are specialised in offering this sort of advertising medium, and it is also gives the consumer something to do whilst filing their car. You can select the area you want to target as these systems offer local, regional or national coverage, all you need to do is set out who you want to target.

These pump toppers are manufactured from steel and accommodate 2 LCD televisions or displays at a viewable angle back to back, with a media player located between the two displays. The media player can have either a wireless or hardwired connection into the data network of the gas station utilising the existing category 5e data cabling already there or wireless technology. From here the content can be updated at pre set times taking the stress out of updating the content for convenience store operators and owners.

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Gas Station Advertising – Increases revenue by 40%

Digital signage is spreading like an epidemic to the gas or petrol station, why? Gas pump advertising is proving to raise revenue up by an amazing 40%.

Drivers really like the convenience of pay at the pump technology, as a typical sales man can drive over 300 miles per day, and paying at the pump will save him time which is valuable as he will never have that time again.

With up to 70% of drivers paying at the petrol pump this makes for 70% of less foot traffic in the convenience store attached to the gas station and operated by the gas station operator.

One company partnered with Chevron to educate and entertain drivers whilst at the pump refuelling, these pump top displays use video to drive and entice drivers into the onsite store. Using wireless technology, these were connected up to products in the convenience store promoting meal deals at specific times of the day, also called day parting.

Wireless technology is quick to deploy and has low installation and maintenance costs, the system is powered by an off site server that is connected wirelessly, with some wireless connections being bounced 40Km, distance is no longer an issue. Another aspect of this type of connectivity is that there is little disruption to the gas station operation, as the station does not have to close whilst the displays are added to fuel dispensers.

This system has been tested over a period of 6 months and has proven itself as a winner with an uplift in revenue form the convenience store by 40% on previous months, none fuel and car wash sales have soared.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

LCD Enclosures Global supply Winter Olympics with Touch Screen Enclosures

LCD Enclosure Global who is based in the UK manufactured and supplied a range of outdoor LCD enclosures, for digital signage applications.

In November 2009, they received an enquiry for a prototype unit that was a hybrid of an outdoor signage enclosure integrated with a touch screen display (using through glass technology), a unit was manufactured and shipped to Vancouver, Canada and the solution was approved with a further 8 units were supplied by the middle of January 2010. Due to the current weak pound the solution was more cost effective than purchasing a similar solution from a USA or Canadian manufacturer.

This new option has been added to their portfolio of gas pump enclosures, taxi cab advertising toppers to compliment their outdoor digital signage enclosures.

The digital signage integrator was deploying a solution for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and needed a secure solution that also featured “through glass” touch technology; this was achieved by a secure outdoor LCD enclosure with an integrated touch screen panel for a 36” Samsung LCD display.

LCD Enclosure Global have positioned themselves as the World’s leading manufacturer of protective enclosures for LCD and plasma displays that are used for digital signage and outdoor home cinemas, these are supplied by their distribution channel based in Australia, America, Canada, Singapore, Europe and Israel, who already supply the digital signage industry.

Proving that digital outdoor signage and the 2010 Winter Olympics is a winning combination. To see the full details and the product range visit