Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Digital LCD signage posters used in reception areas.

What is the first thing you see when ever you enter a company’s reception area?

This is a certain way to capture visitor’s attention whilst waiting for their scheduled appointments. Now one of the best tools on the market is an LCD digital advertising poster, these come in a range of sizes from 19” up to 32”.

Creating the ads is also easy, all you need to do is add a couple of digital images or you can create a video and add that too.

Well what could you put on an LCD digital poster?

Well anything can go onto a LCD poster, images of products - you can put them on a CF memory card and then use different options to phase the images in and out. You can add videos promoting your products with rolling text that has a call to action.

Cost of ownership.

One of the main things that makes a project successful is the cost of ownership, if it is too high the project will fail. Well with any digital poster most of the software you need to create a campaign is already on your computer, so the ownership is very low.

If you have a product, take some pictures of it and promote it.

Who can use a digital LCD poster?

Well anyone from small mom and pa stores, dentists, doctors, beauty salons, universities and restaurants – basically anyone who has a product can use an LCD advertising poster and increase their brand awareness.

One draw back…

The only draw back is that the posters cannot be networked so any content updates have to be either through the CF card or through a USB connection that is built into the poster, all you need to do is to add content to a flash drive and then upload it via the USB – this is ideal is you have multiple posters in one location.

About the author.

LCD Enclosure Global are the worlds leading manufacturer of outdoor plasma enclosure (as well as LCD units). Recently they developed a petrol pump sign enclosure for the petrol retailers.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Waterproof LCD enclosure to protect your LCDs by your pool

LCD is an abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display and this name is getting popular now days and more and more people have started enjoying the clarity of these displays. This is also the reason the digital signage market has started using these displays in their systems.

Now it is very common to see an LCD television or a plasma TV near a pool or hot tub at someone;s home. The the ever popular problem how to protect them fromt he elements and theft.

What if a suddenly rains? Are these LCD display resistant to water? The answer is a definite no. These displays can easily get damaged even with slightest contact with water. So what is the solution for this? Well the simplest solution is a waterproof LCD enclosure, also called a weatherproof LCD enclosure, these actually protect the display from the water to IP65 (European standard) and NEMA 4X (US standards).

In extreme temperatures the units can be cooled/heated with air conditioning units to a vast temperature scale. This allows both plasma & LCD displays the added protection needed in crazy temperature zones.

Now there is protection should you wish to put an LCD or plasma TV outdoors, the waterproof plasma enclosures (or weatherproof plasma enclosures)are similar to the LCD units but a little deeper.