Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Digital Signage Solutions for all budgets.

When people "dip their toe in the water", for digital signage there are many products that are available to them, from solutions that cost as little as $400 to complete outdoor digital signage solutions that cost $2500 - there is a solution for everyone!

  1. The digital poster, this is an LCD display that is around 19" wide x 23" high and runs off of a memory card, all you need to do is create your media content and drag n drop onto the memory card. Lock the memory card in position (for security reasons) then hang the poster on the wall. Advantages are they are very affordable and easily reused. Limitations you can not "daisy chain" them to provide a digital signage network.
  2. Interactive Kiosks - these interact with visitors, so that you can actually test demographics, you could install a web cam that records when anyone approaches the kiosk, then logs every product or service they visit on the kiosk. Advantages - very user friendly. Limitations - Cost! Can cost up to $2,500, used indoors.
  3. Outdoor digital signage - this is an LCD TV, media player and a digital signage enclosure. The enclosures houses the signage hardware and provides protective to NEMA 4X and IP65 standards. Advantages - can be daisy changed and left in un-manned areas, ideal for a digital signage network. Limitations -costs for 1 complete system around $1,900.

Digital Poster

Interactive kiosk.

Outdoor LCD enclosure

Now all you have to decide is how much you want to invest, then sit back and watch your invest increase your sales!