Monday, 5 October 2009

Digital Signage & Transmission Platforms.

Transmission is the hidden link in any digital signage system, choosing the wrong platform can result in a costly budget overrun, here we will try and explain so you so you do not over run on the project.

Due to the advantages and drawbacks of a networked infrastructure, fibre optic cable or CAT cable, it is frequently advisable to use a combination of these technologies for optimum performance at the lowest possible price.

Fibre Optic & CAT5 Cable.
When dealing with high resolution media over long distances that must be broadcast to a group of displays, a combination of fibre optic and CAT5 cable is the optimum solution. In this case, fibre optic cable is used for distance broadcasting together with a local CAT5 video broadcaster for “splitting” the broadcasts to the multiple displays. This is a simple solution to install, since all that is needed is to connect the fibre optic receiver with the CAT5 video broadcaster. And the use of CAT5 for the last 50-150 metres or 150-500 feet of cable instead of fibre optic cable can provide significant cost savings.

Data Network & CAT5 Cable.
When managing multiple groups of digital signage displays form a remote location, a combination of data networking and local CAT5 cabling can give the user the best of both worlds: remote management over IP combined with low cost and network independent infrastructure. The “last mile” use for CAT5 in place of data networks at the display end saves the cost of the display end CPU’s for every display.

All that is needed is a central server that is remotely managed through the data network. The local server is connected to multiple displays through CAT5 technology, freeing the local installation form network dependency. Meaning that each display is network independent and each installation is less expensive to implement.

So no matter if you have your digital signage system outdoors, in an LCD enclosure or a plasma enclosure, there is a solid, reliable solution for transmission.