Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Digital Signage blog.

We have decided to launch our own blog on our website so that we can manage 1 blog and maintain some good and fresh content.

We will be featuring Out Of Home Advertising and why LCD enclosures are needed.

Were to get Free digital signage software as well as the basics in creating your very own media content for either your standlone outdoor signage solution or your intereactive kiosks.

Our digital signage blog.

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LCD enclosures

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A recession proof business due to grow by 129% this year

Dynamic Digital Advertising is leading the forefront in advertising and the digital signage has indicated that sales will increase by 129% in 2009 alone, even in an economic slow down!

The increase in narrowcast is due to the falling costs of the technology used in digital signage, such as the LCD and plasma televisions, media players are also coming down in price, this is now making digital signage more affordable for everyday businesses, rather than the large corporations who previously used electronic billboards.

With the increase in use of digital signage, we are seeing a growth of LCD displays being installed everywhere, these are used for:

  • Public Information Points for passenger information on trains, ferry's and airports.

  • Brand building.

For a successful digital signage campaign, only 4 elements are required.

  1. The advertising campaign. This is the content you are going to use to increase your sales and your profit. This can easy be achieved by searching on Google for "Free digital signage software", once downloaded, all you need to do is drag and drop your content (this can be images, audio, video and text) that is already on your computer and it's done!

  2. Display device. This is basically either an LCD display or a Plasma display with the advancement of technology, there is very little that separates them now, you can also use a touch screen display that then creates an interactive experience for the customer.

  3. Media player. This is the mini computer that holds the content, it will have an Internet connection, either hard wired or wireless for remote updates and is a fifth the size of a computer.

  4. Protection for the digital signage hardware. When the sign is part of an digital outdoor signage solution, the need for protection is increased due to the increase in vandalism to the display and media player. Also the hardware will require protection from the weather, one of the best options and most cost effective is an LCD enclosure or plasma enclosure, depending upon the display used. These enclosures are manufactured to European IP rating standards as well as the American NEMA standard.